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LGV, PCV and CPC training

Over the past 24 months Imagitech has invested heavily in the development of training tools designed to assist learners working towards professional LGV and PCV licences prepare for their theory and CPC Module 2 tests.

Imagitech's training tools contain all the official DVSA learning material. This is complemented by learning material unrivalled in quality and depth for the CPC Module 2 test as well as for Hazard Perception.

This fantastic content is available via Imagitech's apps under the brand "The Complete" (see also We offer dedicated theory apps for LGV and PCV theory, an app specifically designed to help candidates prepare for the CPC Module 2 test, and an app offering access to hundreds of hazard perception clips. Within iOS these are also combined to create a bundle offering significant cost savings to the end user.

In addition to the apps that same outstanding training content has been made available to training organisations and trainees via the online training resource DTS Anytime (see also This system is based on Imagitech's Fast Track® technology and supported by Imagitech's dedicated support team. It complements the training content with sophisticated trainee management and reporting facilities. Together with our long-term partners Focus Multimedia the system is now in use by the leading training organisations in the UK.

Dr Mike Bews, technical director, said: "This success shows once more what can be achieved when we combine outstanding content with a robust and user friendly delivery system - be that the apps or online via our Fast Track® technology underlying DTS Anytime. Teaming up with Focus Multimedia has allowed us to harness the potential in this marketplace by concentrating each on our core competencies - technical for Imagitech, marketing for Focus Multimedia. We see this success as a blue-print to future collaborations with our existing and new partners..."

Imagitech is currently looking to expand the range of training material that can be made available using the online training management and delivery systems as well as dedicated apps.

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Imagitech Fast Track® and Learn2®

Imagitech Fast Track® and Learn2® technology has now been on the market for well over 20 years. The approach forms the building blocks for many products designed to help Imagitech's customers prepare for essential and popular tests - including learner drivers across several countries and candidates for the Construction Skills Health and Safety exams.

Imagitech Fast Track® and Learn2® is now available on several platforms:

  • Online
  • Apps - for iOS and Android
  • Applications - Windows PC on disc and as downloads

The ongoing success of Imagitech's software is testimony of the uncompromising focus on quality and customer needs together with world class end user support. Well-known brands supported by Imagitech's systems include Driving Test Success, The Complete Driving Test, DTT RSA, Topscore® and CITB.

Dr Gerhard Manogg said: "When we set out to produce our technologies Imagitech Fast Track® and Learn2® we never dreamed they would perform as well as they have, or would cover as many markets and subject areas over such a long period of time. This success is a credit to the developers of the system, who produced a product that is second to none in terms of robustness, reliability and user friendliness. We work very closely with our partners who help us to market and distribute our products, and to ensure that the content and the functionality of the software is always the best available on the market."

Imagitech are actively working to expand the content areas that the technology is applied to, both with existing partners and new.

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Multi-platform content management and reader

Imagitech has recently developed and launched a new content management and distribution system coupled with content readers targeting many platforms. This technology now facilitates the dissemination of CITB's HS&E Publications.

Imagitech's solution is used to access to the main publications as managed by CITB and ensures that all subscribers can not only search and navigate the material easily, but also that any updates to the materials are automatically made available to all subscribers.

The system consists of a secure content management server to control access to the content, coupled with custom written reader apps available for several platforms: iOS and Android devices, as well as Mac and Windows computers.

End users simply register their subscriptions by entering their account details into the app or application of their choice - and everything else is taken care of. Dr Mike Bews said: "We are very pleased to see that this new system has been accepted very quickly by the users. The development was completed within a tight time-schedule and was available across all platforms within budget. The commercial success of the content management system is a credit to our development team as well as our uncompromising focus on quality and design. This focus sets us apart in the market and ensures that all our products are successful in the short and long term."

Imagitech has developed the technology completely in-house and now continues to work with its existing partners to expand the portfolio of publications supported by the system. In parallel Imagitech is looking for new partners to facilitate the dissemination of further publications.

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Additional question types

As part of the annual re-release of CITB's revision apps Imagitech has implemented additional question types into the Imagitech Fast Track® and Learn2® technology.

The available question types include drag and drop of text or imagery in addition to the more classic multiple-choice question type. All questions can optionally be delivered with multi-lingual voice overs and additional media clips, making Imagitech software ideal for the creation of highly interactive training and exam practice material.

Dr Mike Bews oversaw the development and implementation of these new features and said: "The new questions types represented a real challenge in terms of their implementation: The user interaction had to be intuitive and user friendly - and work across all platforms taking into account touch screens and mouse driven interactions. We are extremely pleased with how the user experience turned out. This has been made possible through the close collaboration of our software engineers working across the platforms and graphic user interface design specialists."

Imagitech continues to look for new opportunities in exploiting these additional question types and is actively seeking new partners for the development of additional learning material.

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Imagitech's product portfolio expands

Over the past few years Imagitech's product portfolio has expanded dramatically. We now offer specialist applications across several platforms, including iOS, Android, Mac and Windows, as well as secure web applications for training and assessment purposes.

Due to the wide range of specialist skills available within Imagitech, our products cater for all requirements: Secure online access to data and updates for apps and applications, standalone software for all platforms, integrated systems designed to exchange data securely with third party systems, and web based systems accessed via standard web browsers.

This breadth of knowledge is put at the disposal of our clients and end users, providing secure and user-friendly products for a large variety of purposes.

Dr Gerhard Manogg said: "The strength of Imagitech lies in being able to combine many specialist skills under one roof – technical, graphical as well as media handling and editing. Whilst we offer such a broad set of skills we remain a small, nimble and flexible organisation. In this way we ensure that the needs of our clients and end-users are always prioritised by developing novel solutions, to tight deadlines and limited budgets."

Imagitech always looks for long term mutually beneficial collaborations with new partners.

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4.8m+ users

Imagitech's software, including Imagitech Fast Track® and Learn2®, has now sold more than 4.8 million units; the landmark number of 5 million is within easy reach. This is testimony to the quality and continuing popularity of Imagitech's products.

The technologies “Imagitech Fast Track®” and “Learn2®” are the building blocks for many products designed to help Imagitech's customers to prepare for essential and popular tests. Delivery of the content and functionality is now very broad and includes downloads, online/web, mobile apps as well as DVD ROMs and CD ROMs.

The content delivered through the system includes tests for learner drivers in the UK (via Driving Test Success - the best-selling product of its type in the UK), for professionals who need to pass the Construction Skills Health and Safety exams, for candidates of the Life in the UK test, as well as learner drivers in Ireland and South Africa.

Dr Gerhard Manogg said: “When we set out to produce our technologies Imagitech Fast Track® and Learn2® we never dreamed they would perform as well as they have, or would cover as many markets and subject areas. This success is a credit to the developers of the system, who produced a product that is second to none in terms of robustness, reliability and user friendliness. We work very closely with our partners who help us to market and distribute our products, and to ensure that the content and the functionality of the software is always the best available on the market.”

Imagitech are actively working to expand the content areas that the technology is applied to, both with existing partners and new.

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App launches

Imagitech's portfolio of Apps has been expanded recently with the addition of PLUS versions to the existing CITB training apps for Operatives & Specialists, Managers & Professionals. The portfolio of CITB apps is based on the Learn2® system, designed to deliver training content for multiple choice based exams.

The apps are available on iOS as well as Android, and have proved very popular and robust. Anyone needing to revise for the CITB HS&E test for operatives, specialists and managers will find these apps the perfect way to do so whilst on the move.

The success of these apps on the stores illustrates Imagitech's commitment to quality and robustness. Dr Mike Bews said: “We are very pleased to see that the new apps have been accepted very quickly by the users. All of these apps were developed on a tight time schedule – and appeared in the stores (Google Play and iTunes) on time and within budget. The commercial success of the apps is a credit to our development team as well as our uncompromising focus on quality and design. This approach sets us apart in the market and ensures that all our products are successful in the long term.”

Imagitech now continues its ambitious internal programme of developing new apps, as well as looking for new partners to establish new collaborations.

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Software products that were until recently only distributed on disc are now available as digital downloads. The content is secured using Digital Rights Management technology developed by Yummy which provides a flexible and secure environment that can be adapted to any software product.

Dr Gerhard Manogg said: “In order to produce a secure download version that is small enough to be accessible to most users we had to change the disc based product to make it capable of accessing content via the Internet. This meant putting into place the appropriate infrastructure - not only to host the download itself, but also to be capable of streaming media that the user might require at runtime. The advantage of a download is the immediate availability of the software, without needing to leave the desk - an attractive proposition for the providers of the content and our customers.”

The use of the Yummy wrapper is not limited to software downloads, it can also be used to distribute content on physical media. Imagitech is currently working on the integration of a payment infrastructure into the secure wrapper to ensure that the end user experience is seamless.

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New CITB products 2014

The new 2014 version of the training material for CITB has now been published on DVD ROMs and downloads. This new release contains important content updates.

Dr Mike Bews said: “We work closely with CITB to ensure that the training products available contain the most recent and relevant question content. It is vital to use the most recent version when revising for this test, to ensure that no new elements are missed. This update underlines ensures the continued relevance and accuracy of this product line, and builds on a number of years of success in this area in creating revision material that are relevant, user friendly and robust.”

This popular product builds on Imagitech Fast Track® - a proven generic framework designed to deliver training content for multiple choice based exams.

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ImagitechLearning HTML5

In addition to DVD ROM and download-based products for learner drivers, Imagitech have developed an online system - ImagitechLearning. This system underlies Driving Test Success and is a new implementation of the Imagitech Fast Track® approach.

To widen accessibility to the system the key elements have been re-engineered to be compatible with the main browsers on desktop computers, and also those on tablets and most smartphones.

Dr Gerhard Manogg said: “In order to widen compatibility to mobile devices we changed not only the technical implementation, we also had to optimise the extensive video content that is available from within the system. This proved a major undertaking, but we are pleased to report that this project has now been completed. As a result anyone logging into ImagitechLearning will be presented with the optimum solution adapted to the user's platform. Anyone will now be able to login from anywhere and access their own details – either for thorough revision through their desktop or tablet, or a quick last minute brush up on the way to the test centre.”

To access the system simply go to

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Imagitech Fast Track® products breach the 3.7m user barrier

Imagitech’s software system Imagitech Fast Track® has now been used by well over 3.7 million users. The system underlies many CD ROM, DVD ROM, download and (most recently) online products designed to help its users to prepare for essential and popular tests. This covers learner drivers in the UK (through Driving Test Success - the best selling product of its type in the UK), in the Republic of Ireland, and in South Africa.

In addition it is in use to help individuals become UK citizens through "Life in the UK", and to help professionals pass the Construction Skills Health and Safety exam for Managers. The success of the system shows how successfully the methodology can be adapted to different subject areas and markets.

Dr Mike Bews said: “When we set out to produce our technology Imagitech Fast Track® we never expected it to perform as well as it has and to cover as many markets and subject areas. This success is a credit to the developers of the system that is second to none in terms of robustness, reliability and user friendliness. We work very closely with our partners who help us distribute our products to ensure that the content and the functionality of the software is always the best available on the market.”

Imagitech are actively working to expand the content areas that the technology is applied to with our existing partners and is looking for further partners to help even more learners pass their tests.

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Driving Test Success Online launched

Following on from the highly successful DVD ROM, iDVD and download range of Driving Test Success, Imagitech have now launched together with their partners Focus Multimedia a complete online system to help learner drivers in the UK to pass their driving tests.

The system is unique in the marketplace - it covers all tests (theory, hazard perception and practical) in an easy to use, fully interactive, online system. Learners should simply go to, sign up and start learning...

The system is also available through a wide network of partners. ADIs can become a partner which will enable them to follow the progress of their learners online and offer assistance where necessary. Once an ADI or school has signed up to become a partner, the system will be available through their website with minimal technical knowledge required. For more information and to see how easy it is to become a partner simply go to

Dr Mike Bews said: “This is an exciting new development which allows learners access to a complete learning environment - online - accessible from anywhere in the world. This extends our learning technology to online delivery with advanced video streaming and complete interactivity as available through our DVD ROM range. The added benefit for the ADI is the possibility to assist and monitor learners as they progress through the system.”

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Roadmarque® Advance - new integrated e-training

Following on from the success of Roadmarque® as an occupational road risk assessment and management tool, Imagitech has expanded the functionality of Roadmarque® to include integrated and standalone e-training units.

The training units are designed to be used either via tailored recommendation criteria following the assessments or as standalone units. Recommendations for e-training following driver assessments are either activated automatically or reviewed manually to allow our customers to adjust for budgetary constraints. Although strictly speaking there is never an obligation to take on any e-training following a Roadmarque® assessment from a legal perspective, such interventions can help reduce the frequency of collisions and costs for our customers.

The training available in Roadmarque® covers the following units: Knowledge of the highway code, how to manage driving stress, knowledge of the driving policy of the customer, as well as Roadmarque® Advance.

Roadmarque® Advance is a DVD ROM based package that is integrated into Roadmarque® which covers all aspects of driving, including COAST, and how you should link this knowledge into your everyday driving. The results of the interactive tests are then monitored and posted back to Roadmarque® against their driver records. Please contact Imagitech on +44 (0)1792 824438 for further information.

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Driving Test Success sales breach the 2.5m barrier

Imagitech’s continuing commitment to driver education and road safety has now been further underlined by the success of Driving Test Success. Over 2.5m copies have now been distributed and sold through Imagitech’s partner Focus Multimedia. Dr Mike Bews said: “We are delighted with the continuing commercial success that our product achieves. This would not have been possible without our partner Focus Multimedia and our own commitment to relevant content, user friendliness, robustness and customer service. The product is a credit to our staff and their attention to detail and quality. Driving Test Success is not only the best selling product in the market — it is simply the best learning aid available.”

Driving Test Success has always been created with the learner in mind — and equipping the new drivers with skills that would help them in their whole motoring career — not just to pass the test. This is why apart from all the official content, Driving Test Success contains hints and explanations, a wealth of additional learning material, innovative ways of interacting with the content, and a test, designed to help the learner understand better where strengths and weaknesses may lie.

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New Imagitech Fast Track® products launched

Based on Imagitech Fast Track® technology a number of new exciting products have now been launched. The aim of Imagitech’s technology is to create customised learning products, designed to assist learners to pass tests for qualifications. The content, testing methodology, marking and evaluation criteria as well as the associated material can all easily be customised for any application designed as a learning application. Imagitech’s most recent additions to the product portfolio include “Life in the UK” (help to pass the Life in the UK Citizenship test), “Official Theory Test Ireland” (for learner drivers in Ireland) and “Topscore” (for learner drivers in South Africa).

Dr Mike Bews, Director of Imagitech, said: “The Imagitech Fast Track® methodology and technology is a very flexible yet powerful and proven environment to base new learning products on. We are delighted to see the recent additions of products to our portfolio, and to see how well the product works in the new markets. The technology is well proven by millions of users through our flagship product Driving Test Success — and these new products show that we can adapt this technology to very different learning contexts.”

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Press Release: Roadmarque® becomes part of RiskAssist

A little under 12 months since launch, Roadmarque® has established itself as the ideal tool for organisations that are looking to stay “health and safety compliant” in relation to their occupational road risk.

Adding to the ongoing success that Roadmarque® has seen since its launch, the most recent version of Roadmarque® is now used as a key element of ING Car Lease’s Risk Assist programme.

Download the entire press release in PDF format here

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Psychometric Test for Qualified Drivers

Imagitech has now completed a research project in collaboration with G. Jerzembek (Cardiff Institute of Society Health and Ethics (CISHE) at Cardiff University). The results are being published at the upcoming conference of the British Psychological Society (BPS) held in April 2008 in Dublin with the title “Predicting risk in occupational drivers: adopting a broader perspective”. The research produced a questionnaire which forms part of the Roadmarque® Driver Risk Assessment and helps to assess the attitude of each driver - and thereby contributes to the overall risk assessment.

Dr Mike Bews said: “This original research paper assists us in assessing qualified drivers and in establishing ourselves at the forefront of Driver Assessment. Together with the other assessments accessible through Roadmarque® this will deepen the understanding of driver risk and show how the various risk elements correlate with one another. It is vitally important that the tools used to assess the road-risk of qualified drivers are based on solid and defensible foundations.”

The research confirms that a unified approach for the assessment of drivers from different driver groups (HGV, Delivery, Occasional, Sales representatives) is oversimplified. The assessment carried out using the questionnaire as developed during the research project takes into account the type of driver.

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Driving Test Success scoops yet another award

Imagitech’s flagship Driver Training product scoops yet another award. This ELSPA Gold Award for Driving Test Success All Tests 2007 is the latest in a series of awards received over the past few years. The new version of the product has again been the undisputed number 1 seller over the past six months and in particular during the Christmas period. Driving Test Success is continuing to help more learners than ever to pass their Driving Test and to become safer drivers. Dr Mike Bews said: “These awards show that our training material continues to reach large numbers of learner drivers and thereby contributes greatly to Road Safety in the UK. Our aim has always been to supply the learners not just with the skills to pass first time, but to teach them Road Safety elements in general, helping them to become safer drivers from the start. This can never work in isolation, but the fact that Driving Instructors up and down the country recommend and endorse our package shows the value of the material in conjunction with face to face instruction.”

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Driving Test Success - well over 2 million copies sold

Our flagship product for learner drivers has confirmed itself to be firmly in the top spot in the UK, having now sold well over 2 million copies.

Our latest offering has been expanded to include all the new elements stipulated by the DSA, helping learners to become safer, more confident and better educated drivers. We have added a huge number of new hazard perception clips and improved an already excellent user interface. Driving Test Success, All Tests remains the most comprehensive and user-friendly package available. Other new additions include the unique "learn on the move" feature that allows learners to revise whilst travelling.

Dr Mike Bews, Director of Imagitech, said: “Our ongoing efforts to improve the learning experience provided by Driving Test Success help to ensure that we reach a large percentage of all the learner drivers in the UK. Driving Test Success is a complete, user friendly and invaluable training aid for any learner driver. It is designed to help learners become safe drivers and we are proud that through our reach we make a significant contribution to road safety.”

Driving Test Success is available from all good software retailers and online through Amazon, Play and Focus Multimedia. Or click here to download the Express Edition.

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Roadmarque® now available

Building on the success of Driving Test Success, Imagitech has now launched Roadmarque® - a unique, comprehensive and cost-effective driver assessment and training solution. Roadmarque® is designed to help employers attain and maintain legal compliance by ensuring that all drivers are risk-assessed and appropriately licensed for their driving duties. The system helps an employer to identify those drivers that are at greatest risk and therefore facilitates the targeting of training resources in the most efficient and cost effective direction.

Dr Mike Bews, Director of Imagitech, said: “The unique combination of assessments and training offered by our Roadmarque system, makes it the most effective and efficient system available in the UK today. We are delighted to extend our contribution to road safety from the training of learners to the assessment and training of qualified drivers - especially those exposed to greatest risk, via their work. We also look forward to working with employers to help them to reduce their legal exposure by adopting policies that will drive down collisions - markedly reducing related costs. Changes in legislation extend the workplace and the employer’s liability in terms of Health and Safety to the vehicle, when it is being driven for work purposes. As a result, all employers have a duty to assess and manage the risk of employees that are required to drive in connection with work - regardless of the distance or nature of those journeys. The legislation is as pertinent to long distance lorry drivers as it is to the employee that occasionally drives to the post office. Roadmarque® assists employers to carry out this risk assessment through a simple, convenient and complete driver assessment.”

Imagitech has already signed up its first partner for Roadmarque® as well as a number of customers. Further partners will be recruited over the coming months.

For more information about Roadmarque® please visit

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KLM Cityhopper chooses EFPAC®

Alongside other premium European Airlines and a leading Aircraft Engine maintenance provider, KLM Cityhopper has now chosen to use EFPAC® to assist with their engine fleet management. This latest announcement illustrates the growing success enjoyed by EFPAC® in the marketplace - due to the quality of the software product and the close collaboration between EFPAC Ltd (a fully owned subsidiary of TES Aviation Group) and Imagitech Ltd.

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Imagitech wins yet another ELSPA Award

After winning a Platinum ELSPA and a Silver ELSPA Award for Driving Test Success Theory and Driving Test Success Hazard Perception in 2005, Imagitech has now received another Silver ELSPA Award in February 2007 for Driving Test Success All Tests, only a few months after the product’s launch. This Award underlines the continuing success and market leading position of our Learner Driver product range.

Dr Mike Bews, Director of Imagitech, said: “Our products are designed with two main aims: To help learner drivers to pass their driving theory tests and to improve road safety by delivering comprehensive, easy to use and effective training materials. Winning these awards illustrates our ongoing and continuing success in both of these areas - and we are delighted with this recognition.”

The Driving Test Success range is the UK’s best selling Driving Test software. The packages are published by Focus Multimedia and available throughout the UK via many retail outlets - including WHSmiths, Morrison’s, Tesco, Staples, PC World and Amazon.

For further information about Driving Test Success please click here or contact Imagitech on +44 (0)1792 824438 or Focus Multimedia on +44 (0)1889 570 156.

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EFPAC® enjoys continued growth in the market place

Imagitech continues to work as the technical development and consultancy arm of EFPAC Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of TES Aviation Ltd. The EFPAC® software is enjoying ongoing success in the aviation field around the globe, with recently acquired customers including three major European Airlines. This is in addition to the existing wide EFPAC® customer base which includes Aeromexico, Willis Lease Finance, Monarch, Iceland Air and WestJet.

Dr Mike Bews, Director of Imagitech, said: “We are delighted to see the continued success of EFPAC®. The software is highly specialised and requires excellent engineering and software development skills. All of the end users very much appreciate the benefits that they derive from its use, as well as the quality of the software and ongoing support services provided. This success is testament to the strong commitment and excellent work provided by everyone involved.”

This continued success underlines the ongoing commitment that Imagitech has within this specialist arena and the high quality of the development service that we provide to our customers. As a software system EFPAC® is continually developed to enhance the benefit derived from its use and to ensure that it is kept up to date with the latest technological developments in the aviation and IT fields.

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R-Fit™ - the latest versions of this specialist package hit the market

Working in collaboration with Optical Reference Systems Ltd (specialists in the monitoring of the Thin Film Coating Process), Imagitech has launched the latest version of its highly specialised software system R-Fit™, allowing the mathematical modelling and analysis of data, captured through the use of interferometry during the thin film growth process.

This development work requires a thorough understanding of the underlying physics and mathematical models, as well as their implementation in a user-friendly package. Users of the package do not require any mathematical specialist knowledge, nor any software specialist knowledge to gain a clear understanding of the growth process from the numerical data obtained from the logging equipment.

R-Fit™ is being promoted throughout the world through a network of partners, in particular the commissioning company: Optical Reference Systems. The software has been reviewed favourably by a large number of specialists in the field and continues to be developed to keep it up to date with changes in the methods used in this rapidly developing field.

This latest version allows real time in-situ monitoring and modelling of multi-wafer growth processes as well as post-growth analysis.

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