Driver Training

Roadmarque® is the most innovative and exciting driver assessment system available in the UK. It is designed to help employers to comply with Health and Safety law by risk-assessing all employees that drive in conjunction with their work, in the most cost effective and efficient way possible.

Driving Test Success Hazard Perception package photo

Roadmarque® delivers assessments to cover all types of occupational drivers. For further information please go to our dedicated website for this exciting product at

Imagitech offers a market leading range of learner driver products and training materials for qualified drivers. Imagitech produces essential learning materials for drivers studying for LGV/PCV and ADI licenses. Trainee and qualified ADIs are already supported by Imagitech’s Driving Test Success Hazard Perception and Driving Test Success All Tests products.

Speed Sense has been developed in conjunction with road safety professionals to create a powerful training aid designed to educate motorists and cut road traffic casualties.

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Available on PC DVD-ROM, the product covers the topics prescribed in the National Model for Speed Awareness Courses. This effective training tool takes users through the concept of "COAST" (Concentration, Observation, Anticipation, Space and Time) using a combination of videos and interactive exercises. Speed Sense helps motorists to change their driving habits for the better to become safer road users.