Learn2®: Driving Theory Test for iPad - Support

The complete learning experience designed specifically for iPad

At Imagitech we pride ourselves on offering first class customer service and world class products. Please do not hesitate to contact us via our Contact Us page should you have any suggestions, questions or comments about our products.

For support enquiries please contact us at Learn2support@imagitech.com or via our Contact Us page on this site. We list some frequently asked questions below for your reference:

Q: What do the dials on the Homepage show?

A: The three main aspects of the app - Study -> Practice -> Exam - are shown as the dials on the dashboard. The dials indicate approximately how much of the various elements you have completed. For a readiness report please refer to the stats pages. You should aim to get all three dials pointing towards numbers in the 90-100 range.

Q: Can I interrupt a test or an exam by exiting the App?

A: Yes - simply press the round button on the side of the screen to return to the background screen of the iPad. To return to the test or practice question simply tap on the Learn2® icon. The time countdown will not stop when you do this. Note that if you close the Learn2® App as a process then the exact question and progress through a given exam will be lost.

Q: How do I access the voiceovers?

A: To have the question and answer texts read out to you simply tap on the text that you need to be played. An icon indicating that the voiceover has been requested will be shown. The download of the App does not include the voiceover files, and these are streamed from Imagitech’s media server on demand. The voiceover functionality therefore requires an active connection to the Internet. If the files are not accessible after 10 seconds the voiceover request will be stopped. Voiceover functionality is available only for the Question and Answer texts, not for the supporting Case Study, Help, User Interface or Study Material texts.

Q: Where are the additional pages that show statistics and readiness reports?

A: The row of icons on the bottom indicate (from left to right) the Homepage, the Statistics page, the Shortcuts, Additional Content and Settings. On the Statistics page a detailed breakdown of the progress of the learner through the material is shown, together with an indication whether or not the software concludes that the candidate is ready for the test.

Q: Do you collect any information about me and my progress?

A: No, Imagitech does not collect any information through the App. The image and the details that you use to customise your licence are never seen by Imagitech. In future versions we may add facilities that allow you to share your achievements with your friends.