Mathematical Modelling of Thin Film Growth Monitoring

R-Fit™ is a highly specialised data analysis and numerical modelling package specifically designed to fully and quantitatively analyse reflectance data recorded on any make or model of interferometer in the field of thin film growth.

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This package shows how Imagitech's rapid application development methodology, combined with strong in-house mathematical and physics skills, can yield a specialised software application for a niche market.

R-Fit™ is commercialised through our development partners Optical Reference Systems Ltd. R-Fit™ turns highly complex and technical data into information and knowledge.

Sample R-Fit Reports Screens

Example Report Screen Output from R-Fit Live & R-Fit v4

R-Fit™ is designed to analyse data recorded at any wavelength or at any angle of incidence, with a large variety of growth substances and can cope with any number of individual layers.

For each layer in a multi-layered structure, R-Fit™ provides results for the:

  • Complex refractive index
  • Growth rate
  • Individual layer thickness
  • RMS roughness at the end of the layer

R-Fit™ is perfect for:

  • Analysing all stages in the growth of multi-stage structures such as GaN on sapphire
  • Quantifying changes in the refractive index during film growth
  • Identifying if there are changes in the growth rate during layer deposition e.g. CdS on glass
  • Predicting an interferogram before growth starts
  • R-Fit™ turns you into an expert in complex interferometry, providing you and your organisation with meaningful information in minutes.

For further information about R-Fit V4 (post growth analysis) click here - R-Fit v4 and R-Fit Live (in situ analysis) click here - R-Fit Live. Contact using our contact page. or ring us on +44 (0)1792 824438 to place your order or speak directly to our partners Optical Reference Systems Ltd by e-mailing enquiry@ors-ltd.com or ringing +44 (0)1745 535188.

R-Fit™ is owned by Imagitech & commercialised by our partners Optical Reference Systems Ltd.